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Product features | BioTissue

Product features:
Most important BioSeed®-C features at a glance.

Product features

The graft:

  • Based on a unique 3D stable matrix technology
  • Consists of two components: an absorbable gel-textile-matrix and autologous in vitro seeded chondrocytes
  • Is mechanically stable and flexible
  • Has a size of 20 x 30 x 1,1 mm
  • Contains 28.8 millions autologous in vitro expanded chondrocytes
  • Is available for the patient approx. 4-5 weeks from patient’s biopsy delivery
  • Is manufactured and distributed according to the current requirements of the German Drugs Law and the European GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice)

The application:

  • For the first time with BioSeed®-C a chondrocytes graft can be fixed to the subchondral bone in a secure way
  • This makes it possible to treat defects without intact cartilage rims
  • The graft can be cut to fit the size of the cartilage defect
  • BioSeed®-C has no orientation: cells are evenly distributed for an easier handling
  • The transplantation can be done by arthroscopy or by arthrothomy

The results:

  • The absorbable matrix dissoves in 4-6 months after transplantation
  • In the meanwhile hyaline cartilage grows and evenly fills the cartilage damage
  • In numerous studies a significant improvement of clinical parameters could be reported also in the long term